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BILLIONS of Hours spent

Serving MILLIONS of needy

By THOUSANDS of volunteers

at HUNDREDS of places

With a SINGLE goal called "SERVICE"

Our Service activities for a better and happy society

Education For Visually Challenged

VTS empowers visually impaired youth by providing them free quality education with the best use of latest technology. The students are educated using computers equipped with “Braille software and write exams without the help of scribes(helpers)”.

Health & Cancer awareness camps

VTS has organized Cancer awareness programs in multiple countries. The volunteers have conducted walkathons in various cities to promote Cancer awareness and reached out to the rural areas to perform cancer pre-screening tests & surveys.

Education for Tribal & Rural

Established schools in rural areas infested by extremist activities, where even government officials fear to step in. Free education, boarding & accommodation are provided to these underprivileged children.

Animal Care & Environment Protection

Organized Earth day awareness events around the world with the purpose of spreading awareness about conserving our natural resources, recycling and to lead an earth friendly life style. And protecting the cows which are of more important for a better life.

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