About Us

About Us - Volunteering Together for Service (VTS) UK

It's all about Education, Health & Service Attitude

VTSUK is committed to “Service” and “Education” of the community. Our mission is to provide services to the those in need and create a better society by instilling the “Spirit of Service” attitude.

VTSUK is a non-profit organisation.

Volunteering Together for Service UK is a trading name of

Our principles are rooted in service, compassion and community.

Our aim is to foster a sense of purpose and shared responsibility within communities for the service and benefit of those in the greatest need.

We plan to do this by providing education, resources and support aimed at addressing health and social needs is the society.

Our Objectives

For the relief of need for the public benefit in the UK and India by:

  • Promoting health awareness, prevention and early detection of breast and cervical cancers
  • Providing food support for families facing economic hardships
  • Volunteering and community engagement to provide community service

Short glimpses of our activities

Our Vision

To promote the “Spirit of Service” attitude, serve the community and create a better society. We are committed to “Service”, “Health” and “Education” of the community. Many of our services are provided for FREE.

Our Mission

Your commitment is our courage to encourage Volunteering to address social needs and improve the well-being of communities by providing support, resources, and services to those in need.

Why choose us?

With very low administration expenses the donations are used for our causes and the team of volunteers don’t charge. Volunteers take part in our services with pride.

What Beneficiaries / Volunteers think about us