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About Us - Volunteering Together for Service (VTS) UK

It's all about Education, Health & Service Attitude

VTSUK is committed to “Service” and “Education” of the community. Our mission is to provide services to the one in need and create a better society by inculcating the “Spirit of Service” attitude.

“Volunteering Together for Service (VTS)” is a service wing of JETUK (Registered Charity 1139951), is for a special cause of helping and serving the people in need.

  • We are a Non-Profit organization which is committed to improving human lives through “Education, Health, and Services”.
  • For over three decades, we have been providing charitable and philanthropic services LOCALLY, NATIONALLY, and INTERNATIONALLY.
  • We provide our helping hand for the Education, Children, Youth and Women, Animal welfare, Environment protection, Disaster Relief, Orphanage services, Cancerawareness camps and many more for the better society.

We continue to propagate the sacred ideology of service among individuals as well as to educate future generations.

Short glimpses of our activities

Our Vision

To promote the “Spirit of Service” attitude, serve the community and create a better society. We are committed to “Service”, “Health” and “Education” of the community. All our services are provided for FREE.

Our Mission

Your commitment is our courage to encourage the blind people to have a better future. Donations are used for the services (Education for the blind, Health camps, Women Health Care, Environment Protection, Animal Care, Tribals Education and many more).

Why choose us?

With very low administration expenses the donations are used for the noble causes as the team of volunteers don’t charge. Volunteers take part in our services with pride. Project updates, accountability and transparency is there at all the time.

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Every penny counts and Gift aid it mean that your donations are increased by 25% at no extra cost to you.

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Join our energetic & enthusiatic campaigners and stand up for the better society and a happier nation.

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Other ways to Donate

And there are lots of ways to donate or give. Where there is a will there is a way. Celebrate and donate at your will & many more …

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Involve Friends / Family / Organisation

The more people get involved the better society. Together, we are always strong.

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