The aim of giving is to put the recipients in a state where they no longer need our gifts.

Money utilised for a better cause is more worth than it’s value. The projects and services which VTS has taken up is for a good reason and it is creating difference in the life of children, youth, women, nature and animals.

Other ways to Donate

Electronic Account Transfer:
You can either set a standing order or make a one-time payment from your account to our Account:
Account Name: Volunteering Together For Service UK
Sort Code: 30-99-50
Account Number: 85347268
Reference : (Use the appropriate reference code along with your name)

Cheques by post:
You can also send the signed cheques to the following address:
Volunteering Together For Service UK,
324 Fieldend Road, Ruislip, HA4 9PA, United Kingdom
In favour of: Volunteering Together For Service UK


Food Donation Drive

  • More than 8 million people in Britain live in households that struggle to put enough food on the table, with over half regularly going a whole day without eating, in the UK
  • One in four low-income households does not eat regularly or healthily because of a lack of money
  • We are what we eat. If we want a better society we need to have food and good food.
  • “There are people in the world so hungry, that God cannot appear to them except in the form of bread.”
    ― Mahatma Gandhi
  • We have a favour to ask you. Every contribution we receive from you will be spent on the people who are in need of food. This support enables us to keep working as we do.

School for Visually Challenged Children

  • NETHRA VIDYALAYA (School for Visually Challenged) is a group of institutions focused on providing VALUE BASED quality education, TECHNOLOGY ASSISTED learning, SELF-RELIANT life-style to blind children
  • It is THE FIRST institution in the WORLD that enabled blind children to take EXAMS ON LAPTOPS without the assistance of a scribe, thereby increasing the confidence in the children
  • Our students have been KEY PLAYERS in many winning national level games. HOLISTIC approach allows our students to learn, explore, relish, and excel in many activities such as YOGA, MUSIC and DANCE.
  • Support from GENEROUS DONORS is helping us provide FREE Education, Boarding & Lodging for blind children of ALL COMMUNITIES irrespective of religion, caste and gender.

Support for Tribal Children Education

  • Jeeyar Gurukulams: A Ray of Hope for the Underprivileged. The only schools providing quality and value based education, to the neglected and forgotten. A holistic educational experience bringing a change in thousands of lives.
  • The 3 schools at Allampally, Birsaipet, and Katarivaripalem are located in remote forests and villages with little to no infrastructure. With education, these children form the building blocks for a strong community and country.
  • Our #1 priority is the children’s future.  We believe in our efforts and conduct our schools to the highest standards.
  • With your Support the kids can do wonders! A small step from your side will change their life.

Any other Donations

  • There are many other activities like Animal Care, Natural Disaster Recovery volunteers, Environment Protection, Cancer awareness camps, Dental camps, Shelter, Youth Wing, Awareness events, Personality Development training, Prisoners reformation, Eye Camps.
  • You can donate for any of our activities.

When you are financially blessed, raise your standard of GIVING, not standard of LIVING

THANK YOU for your commitment and support. Your every single penny is going to be used for the noble cause and members of VTSUK are volunteers so the administration costs are kept low.