Food Donation Drives


Give food and generate happiness

The food insecurity levels are rising day by day. Food insecurity is generally defined as experiencing hunger, the inability to secure food of sufficient quality and quantity to enable good health and participation in society, and cutting down on food because of a lack of money.

VTSUK continuously strive to feed the hunger people and make them happy. There was one instance where we met a guy who said “I’m hungry and I need food”. After he had his soup, he said: “I feel like a king.” It made us very happy. We want to make many people happy.


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Fight Against Cancer

359960 cancer cases in UK and 38% are preventable. It’s just that we need you and your time to spread the awareness and be the reason for someone’s happiness.

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Blood Donation Drive

Anyone can give blood. VTSUK team up with other interested individuals for donating blood. If you are interested in donating the blood please register your interest.

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Clothes For Charity

There are many people who needs the basic clothing. If you have any clothes in decent shape please let us know. We will come and collect them. We will use for the needy.

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Join our groups in your area, drive a car, help in setting up camp, or cooking at old age homes etc. There are many ways which you can offer your time.

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Collect Food Bank Needs

Let us know the food bank near you or known to you and their food needs. We will let others know and try to raise the required food for them.

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Campaign with us

Join us to reduce the food insecurity issue and donate for other basic needs of life cloth, shelter, good health etc.  Let’s all join together to make a happy society.

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Any penny donation, every action taken, or every challenge you take up will help us to reach our goal of creating a happy and better society.

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Support for a cause

There are many other causes which we work on. If you want to take up any cause or want to know more about it in in-depth level we will be happy to provide more info.

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Donate Now

No body has become poor by donating. Every and any amount of donation makes us happy and we pass on the happiness to many as possible.

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Donate Food. Be Happy.

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