Involve Friends, Family and organisations

Try and involve Family, Friends & Organisations

Let's lift each other up together by involving as many as possible

We spend 100% of our time either with family, friends or work place. So can we share some interesting activity which we are doing for every one’s benefit and try to involve as many as possible? Is it too difficult?

No. It’s possible. They don’t need to work hard for it. They can just spare some time, money or an idea to spread happiness to the sufferings.

You can register them as a volunteer, or invite to our fun day out events, etc. For more details get in touch at

Explore what they can do today

Join our events

Most of our events are fun filled with lots of happiness floating around. The happiness is more if we have our friends & family members at fun time. Please see our upcoming events section and why not join with them next time?

Take up a task

Every small help matters a lot. Please let us know if you, your friends or family can take up any task in our daily activities or at the events. The task can be of sending out emails, car driving etc. Send your interest to

Matching program

Every penny you donate your company also matches that amount. Please check with your company and ensure your donation is doubled. If you need more information email us and we will be happy to provide you.

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