Celebrate and Donate

Celebrate & Donate

Celebrate your birthdays, wedding day, and any other special occasions with us.

The money you donated we will be used for good causes like Education for Blind Children, Education for Tribal Children and many more.

There is no better thing than making use of money for a better causes. Big Thank you for you unconditional support.

Birthdays are so special and beautiful. The celebrations are always sweeter when shared with others for a greater good.

Rhea, on her 12th birthday raised funds for caring family and friends. She donated some amount to Vedic school in Karimnagar, India to support preserving the most ancient knowledge, and Gosala (Cow Shed) in Hyderabad, India, to help saving the indigenous cows becoming extinct.

You can always do something great like this on every occasion. Please email us and we will celebrate your birthday along with you and share more happiness.

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Every penny counts and Gift aid it mean that your donations are increased by 25% at no extra cost to you.

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