17 Dec 2016 – Food and Cloth Donation to Homeless

It’s Christmas time and it’s time for Celebrations. But celebrations without food and new clothes? No.

VTSUK has pitched in to distribute the food and clothes to the homeless in Central London.

Thanks to Rhythms of Life organisation for joining the distribution service and we really made their day. It was 2 to 3 degree Celsius temperature and 9pm but VTSUK volunteers including a senior person with lot of energy and enthusiasm distributing the food and clothes.

Words of the beneficiary:

I’m certainly well taken care in terms of my food and clothes. Thanks to VTSUK and Rhythms of Life for making my festival a real festival.

Words of the Volunteers:

We felt this is a real festival celebrating as we are seeing the happiness in other persons face and best part of it is we are reason for it.