April 2015 – Support for Nepal Earthquake Victims


    • A devastating earthquake measuring 7.8 on Richter scale occurred on 25th April 2015 killed close to 10000 people and injuring more than 20000. This was followed by several continuing tremors.

    • There was a widespread destruction across many districts with several villages flattened
    • Avalanche on Mt. Everest killed and injured several others
    • Harvests could be reduced or lost this season due to short time for planting crops before the onset of the monsoons
    • Enormous loss of lives, heritage buildings, casualties, it might take several years to rebuild

This is to acknowledge your kind donation for the Nepal Earthquake appeal.

“Your commitment is our courage to support the people in need”

Nepal has been hit by back to back earthquakes on 25th April and 13th May 2015 which claimed more than 10000 lives and left back thousands of people homeless and disturbed the mundane life of the residents. Your contribution helps in providing the immediate facilities for the needy and our VTS Volunteers in Kathmandu as responded immediately and relief operations are in place.

From VTS and JET (Bharath, USA, UK, Australia, and Canada) trust 5 million INR (approx. 50,000.00 GBP) funds are already raised to buy 3000 tents and other sanitation activities. Your donation reaches those who most need assistance at this moment.

We really THANK YOU for being part of this good cause and we will keep you posted about the updates.

With best wishes to you and your family,