Support for Youth and Women

Child care in Tanzania - taking care of 60 orphaned babies and infants. Apart from that, VTS is Grooming youth for better future. Although people around the planet exhibit different behaviour, fundamental truths such as respect for elders, concern for nature, and gratitude for sources that benefit all beings do not change.
For over three decades, VTS has inspired thousands of youth all over the world to learn this wisdom and meaningfully use the knowledge to benefit communities and the environment. VTS youth spearhead social activities such as food drive, fund raising for the needy, environment conservation, health camps, and disaster relief.

Empowering women with resources, skills, and knowledge to lead self sustaining life. Women started to earn a living and become financially independent, sailing towards a bright future with the help of VTS. Women move up the ladder from a housewife to business owners. The social character of the village magically transformed from violent hunting based community to a peace loving, vegetarian, service based community.


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Orphanage - Jivana Vikas

Established in 1995 we support education, boarding, lodging and food for poor children. So far 72 students passed 10th grade from this institute. Some of them became engineers and procured other good jobs and are well settled. At present we are supporting 13 students with 10 orphans among them. Rooms are provided to the students with beds, tables and chairs, along with kitchen and dining facilities. VTS volunteers supplied educative materials to the orphans with short poetic stanzas and verses on how to improve one’s knowledge and wisdom. The intention was to instil self confidence and willpower in the minds of the young children who were mentally traumatized when their parents were ruthlessly killed.