Support for Visually Challenged children and people

VTS empowers visually impaired youth by providing them free quality education with the best use of latest technology. VTS supports a school and a college (Junior and Degree) for the blind students. The students are provided complete care with FREE quality Education, Accommodation, Food, Clothes and primary medical care. The students are educated using computers equipped with "Braille software and Braille printers."

"VTS encourages you to volunteer your time, talents and support to make a difference in the lives of these talented and differently gifted students.

The immediate requirements for Blind School/ college project are:
♦ Sustain the education of currently enrolled 203 students with free accommodation, food, study material, clothes and primary medical care. £250 per student per year.
* Netra Vidyalaya School, Vizianagaram - 101 students
* Netra Junior College, Hyderabad - 66 students
* Netra Degree College, Hyderabad - 36 students
♦ 2 sets of School uniform per student - £16 per year per student
♦ Thirty Five (35) laptops. A standard laptop with core2duo processor, 2GB RAM, Network Port, WI-Fi enabled, a quiescent Headphone set and standard accessories, Windows7 (Ultimate) Operating System. Price/Cost for each laptop with mentioned OS - £300
♦ For above 35 laptops, Multi-user licenses for a standard Screen Reader Package: License of JAWS latest version (software) from Freedom Scientific, for all the laptops. Price/Cost per item -£150
♦ Student excursions, twice a year
♦ Setup corpus fund for continuing to support the schools and college

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Netra Vidyalaya School for Blind, Vizianagaram was started in July 2001 with 16 visually challenged students. Now it is moved to Varija in Visakhapatnam with over 101 blind students in classes I to X from 2013 June.

* Students are trained in craft work and other activities which are helpful to them in their future endeavours
* Many accolades have been won by the blind students in various sports meets organized by the state government
* Students have come out with wins in various national level competitions organized by the National association for blind (NAB)

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In August 2007 Nethra Vidyalaya Junior College for Blind was set up at Hyderabad following requests from several students who successfully completed 10th class.

* 1st of its kind and Unique - Introduced academic education using computers.
* Students are trained to write their intermediate board and degree exams on laptops without the help of scribes (helpers).
* 1st of its kind - AP Board of Intermediate permitted student examinations on laptops for blind students based on the recommendations & norms formulated by JET
* 1st batch graduated in 2009 with 100% success rate.

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The first degree college of its kind exclusively for the Blind was inaugurated on July 5 2010 and is functioning at Shamshabad, Hyderabad, Telangana. Students are taught BA and B.Com (Computers) recognized by Telangana Board of Education.

* Boarding, Food, Education, books, clothes, study material, and healthcare are provided Free.
* Students use Computers equipped with Braille software.
* State-of-the-art Braille Printer is also provided to the students
* Vocational training is also taught to the students in higher classes (grades) so that they can use the skills to be financially independent.
* Students perform exceptionally well in curriculum, games, and sports.
* Students also perform arts and cultural activities during special events.
* Dedicated Staff takes genuine care for the children, serving with full dedication for educating the Blind children, putting every effort they can

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Support for Tribal Children

The immediate requirements for Tribal Schools project are:
♦ Sustain the free education, food, accommodation, clothes and study material for about 800 students. £180 per student per year. 50pence a day takes complete quality care of an underprivileged student!
* Allampalli, Adilabad - 384 students
* Beersaipeta, Adilabad - 254 students
* Katarivaripalem, Prakasam - 152 students
♦ 2 sets of School uniform per student - £16 per year per student
♦ Exhaustive DVD based Multimedia teaching material for all subjects from 1st to 10th grades
♦ Student excursions, twice a year
♦ Setup corpus fund for continuing to support the schools, upgrade computer lab and science labs.

VTS has established schools in rural areas infested by extremist activities, where even government officials fear to step in! Free education, boarding and accommodation are provided to these underprivileged children. As the tribal communities live in remote forests, they lack basic facilities such as Drinking water, Transport, Schools and Telecommunication networks.

It is a challenging task to provide education without building the basic infrastructure. VTS has taken responsibility to provide Education, Food, Accommodation, Clothes for free, built a drinking water plant and laid roads. The places which were deprived basic necessities are now equipped with advanced computer labs and science labs along with dedicated and competent faculty. VTS is acting as Power House by reaching out to the tribals and transforming their lives by building entire infrastructure to educate them.

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* Inauguration of School: 2004
* Free boarding and accommodation are provided for over 150 underprivileged and low socio economic children.
* Free food and education are also provided for all the 384 students enrolled in this school.
* They are provided education with modern electronic aids such as projectors, models and prototypes.
* They are also introduced to the hands on training on computers.
* Creative thinking is highly encouraged by conducting student driven science exhibitions.

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* Inauguration of School Building: July 27th, 2007
* This school is equipped with advanced science and computer technology.
* Children are trained in Yoga, discipline and other extra-curricular activities.
* All the classrooms are spacious and provided with good furniture for the students and the staff.
* Model citizens are being developed who otherwise may have gone in the wrong path.

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In the Tsunami of 2001, several villages of fishermen in the coastal areas were destroyed by Tsunami floods. Lack of education and resources has caused a havoc in these areas. As a permanent relief measure for the Tsunami affected fishermen a free school was started by VTSeva to educate the children of those fishermen families. There are 108 students studying different classes (grades).

* Inauguration of School Building: May 22nd, 2006
* Free food and study material was provided for these school children.
* The school is operated by VTSeva from the funds received from generous supporters.
* The children in this school are given modern education, along with ethical values and knowledge.

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VTSUK volunteers spent their time and talents at the tribal schools. They had first hand experience of the facilities, of the quality of education provided at the schools and were amazed at the exemplary attitude of the students. They are very impressed with the cause and have expressed their commitment to volunteer & serve the same.

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