Frequently Asked Questions

We are working for a cause, Not for applause.
Volunteers are not paid, not because they are worthless, but because they are PRICELESS.
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VTS stands for "Volunteering Together for Service/Seva".
VTSUK is the service wing of Jeeyar Educational Trust,UK, a registered charity organisation with UK Charities Commission (Reg No: 1139951).
Vision: VTSUK is committed to "Service" and "Education" of the community.
Mission: Support the blind children to withstand by themselves by providing FREE EDUCATION AND TRAINING .... read more
Yes. JETUK is a registered charity. All donations are eligible for "Gift-Aid scheme" and will qualify for tax relief which can be claimed in your tax return.
VTS is a TEAM of Volunteers. Set of individuals volunteering to create a better society. Apart from their mundane activities they spend some of their time for the people in need. You can subscribe by using our "Subscribe" option in the footer or mail us.
Your funds are utilised for the following noble causes:
♦ Nethra Vidyalaya (School/ Junior College / Degree College for the blind)
♦ Schools for the tribals where FREE FOOD, ACCOMMODATION, HEALTH CARE are provided to the students
♦ Cancer Awareness camps
♦ Animal Welfare
♦ Environment Protection and using alternate for plastics
.... read more
Yes. VTS is more than happy and encourages you to choose your donation for a specific activity / project. We ensure that you get the updates regarding that particular activity / project.
Yes. VTSUK will be glad if you are able to talk to beneficiaries and get first-hand information. The beneficiaries are waiting to see the volunteers / donors who are helping them. You can mail us on how to meet them and we will make it for you.

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