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THANK YOU for your commitment and support. Your every single penny is going to be used for the noble cause and members of VTSUK are volunteers so the administration costs are kept low. Your donation is treated as Gift-Aid and you can show them as part of your tax returns. Please contact us if you need more information regarding the tax claim.

The aim of giving is to put the recipients in a state where they no longer need our gifts.

When you are financially blessed, raise your standard of GIVING, not standard of LIVING

Money utilised for a better cause is more worth than it's value. The projects and services which VTS has taken up is for a good reason and it is creating difference in the life of children,youth, women, nature, animals.

From Child Labour to a Brighter Future!

The children who would have spent their childhood working as daily labour are now aiming at greater goals while thoroughly enjoying the right to childhood i.e. EDUCATION with proper care and balance. VTS is making a big difference with the support of many big hearts such as YOU. A BIG THANK YOU for the VOLUNTEERS and the DONORS.


You can either donate for a specific activity or general donation. If you want to give a specific activity mention the respective "Ref Code" as mentioned below.

Following are our list of activities:
♦ Donate for Blind School / Junior College / Degree College - Ref Code: BLINDSCHOOL
♦ Donate for Tribal School - Ref Code: TRIBALSCHOOL
♦ Donate for Animal welfare - Ref Code: JIVAGOSALA
♦ Donate for Cancer Awareness Camps - Ref Code: JIMSHOSPITAL
♦ Donate for Environment Protection - Ref Code: JIVAEARTH
♦ Donate for any activity - Ref Code: VTSUK

Online - One time Donation

Online - Monthly Subscription

Electronic Account Transfer

You can either set a standing order or do a one time payment from your account to our Account:
Sort Code : 402 502
Account Number : 6251 6217
Reference : (Use the appropriate above mentioned reference code along with your name)

Cheques by post

You can also send the signed cheques to the following address:
Volunteering Together For Service,
324 Fieldend Road, Ruislip, HA4 9PA, United Kingdom
In favour of: Jeeyar Educational Trust,UK