Disaster Recovery

VTS's "Quick Response Team" during natural disasters, renders public services on the field providing food, clothing, shelter, temporary housing, medicines.

♦ Oct 2014 - during HudHud cyclone in costal area of Andhra Pradesh, India, has created a huge damage to the infrastructure and normal life of people. People are still facing the after effects of the cyclone. Lack of power, non-availability of drinking water, disrupted communication, broken roads and depleting essential supplies have added to their woes. VTS teams are involved in getting them back to normal by providing volunteer services and financial services.

♦ After the devastating tsumani in 2005, A colony (community) of 50 houses was built in the coastal areas of Pumpuhar in Tamilnadu to provide permanent residence to the tsunami victims.

♦ Several hundred houses were built for thousands of earthquake victims who were left without shelter during the most destructive earthquake in Surat, Gujarat in 2001. VTSeva also built 86 houses in a colony (neighborhood) for the earthquake victims in Vallabhapur, Gujarat, India.


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Human life is so important and VTS is committed for helping the people in need. Our volunteers always has risen to the occasion and pool up resources to conduct rescue operations. Click here to read more.