Animal welfare

Go:sa:la (Cowshed) was started in May 2009 and now regularised. There are at present 75 cows, 75 calves and several buffaloes, all from the pure native varieties. Cow is the replica of Mother Earth. Prior to 1947 we had 72 species. In 65 years we lost 65% of the species. We have only 26 species of original indigenous breeds. Rests of the species are either corrupted or lost.


♦ Protecting the indigenous breeds
♦ Protecting the old and neglected cows
♦ Preserving the available original breeds
♦ Producing cow products with their medicinal values
♦ Encouraging the use of organic products
♦ Increasing awareness about the importance of cow
♦ Increasing awareness of miraculous medicinal properties of cow products


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Relevance of Cow

Milk is one of the products we get from cow. Most of the people think it is the only product but milk is only one part of the whole. The cow urine and cow dung if added to soil, the fertility of soil increases and the richness of the soil will be maintained. Phosphorous content from the cows will be more. The vibrations that their body emit are very powerful to keep the atmosphere around pure. So to maintain a cow, is always healthy to the keeper.